Who is hiding behind the Chaperon Dolls?

Hello, my name is Magali, I am 38 years old and I am the mother of the Chaperon Dolls.

A true touch-and-mouth to all manual and creative activities since my youngest age, I discovered the creation of Waldorf style dolls 9 years ago.
Curious at the start, I quickly became literally passionate about this activity that brought together all the others! Sewing, modeling, embroidery, creativity… the creation of a doll contains everything that makes me vibrate and flourish. From the first points, I feel a great plenitude. I like to see their personality appear during the making. Every creation has its own twists and turns! And what joy, what satisfaction, the final touch, when they finally take life before my eyes!

Very young I was able to sew, knit and embroider. I absolutely wanted to control like my mother and my grandmother all those needles, threads, fabrics and other materials that made my eyes widen! My dolls, bears and other cuddly toys were all dressed up in turn!

My little creatures are made of my daily life and the influences that it has on me at the time of creation, but also of my past, my little girl’s soul, which my subconscious transmits through my hands.

A doll remains in our hearts the original toy.
As a child, she teaches us how to become a mother …
Adult, it allows us to become small again …
It is magical throughout our lives.

I am very happy to be able today to live this passion, to be able to share my universe and to transmit in my turn all the love and tenderness that these dolls give me day after day.



The Chaperon Doll, an ethical doll !

A Chaperon doll is a natural fiber art doll, realized by me in my workshop, near Paris. It is a small creature that I realize entirely by hand and exclusively with natural fibers. 

The interior of the body and head is made with carded wool by needle felting and rolling techniques for a firm and flexible look.Its skin is in OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 jersey, its eyes are embroidered with cotton thread and its hair is made of mohair wool, manufactured and hand-crafted and certified for the safety of EN71-1 toys. Some versions of dolls can have hair made of natural wicks of mohair, sheep or alpaca.All these materials have been selected by me from among the most noble natural materials.
There are sizes of dolls : 13 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches.

Each Chaperon doll is unique and spends tens of hours in the workshop, in my hands, before being able to come to life. 

They can be born from my inspiration but also from yours! For that, contact me by message on this page and start now to imagine the doll of your dreams. See you soon !